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UYP Covid-19 Protocol



UYP Basketball appreciates the constant support from all of you during these hard times. We have established a protocol that will be enforced during skills clinics and team practices. We want to ensure the safety and health of all athletes and coaches so that we can continue to keep our youth playing sports in a safe and healthy way. 

Below we will explain the protocols that will be enforced.




Temperature Checks: 

Athletes will have their temperature checked at the beginning of practice in order to ensure a safe environment. Athletes who precent a temperature of 100.4 degrees and present flu-like symptoms will be asked to leave and stay at home until negative test results have been emailed to


Wellness Check: 

We ask kindly for the parents to decide for the child to stay at home if he/she is not feeling well. If absent, you must notify a UYP Staff member. You must disclose symptoms if they are consistent with covid. If your child is suspected to have covid or tests positive, Coach must be informed.


Face masks:

Coaches must wear masks at all times. Athletes must wear masks to and from the court. Masks are encouraged while on the court but not obligatory as it could be difficult to breathe while exercising. 


Hand Sanitizers:

We ask that all athletes carry their own hand sanitizers to sanitize before and after practice. Hand sanitizer will also be provided by UYP. 


Temperatures will be checked upon court arrival. Coaches will log in athlete's information if this goes above the 100.4 mark. 


Coaches will be taking attendance at the beginning of practice to make sure we keep track of everyone who attends.


Social distance will be enforced by the coaches.

There will be no scrimmages allowed in order to reduce  contact between athletes. 


Skills training only. 


All athletes must bring their own basketball in order stay away from sharing or touching each other's equipment.